The ENDLESS DAY is back!

On January 19th 2017, the event will return with even greater surprises, giveaways, and other cool stuff for all of you. So stay tuned! And, if you’ve missed last year’s event, this will be your chance to unlock our special Steam achievements in Endless Space, Dungeon of the Endless, and Endless Legend.

We’re also organising a Beer2Gether event at the studio on January 19th. Come and meet the team, try out our custom “Dust Infused” beer, and receive some cool goodies! If you wish to attend, simply send us a request here.

See you then!

January 19
3pm CET


Update 2 for Endless Space 2 is going live on Steam next week with a new major faction, the Horatio.

As a preview, check out their wiki page.

Apart from the new major faction, Update 2 brings amongst other features: new minor factions, the overhauled technology tree based on your feedback, new victory conditions, a new system orbital scan view, and more!

January 19
5pm CET


Mathieu (aka AmpliMath, our Production Director) and Romain (aka Spacetroll, our Creative Director) will take the stage at 5pm CET on Twitch!

They will discuss the studio’s recent achievements and Endless Space 2’s Early Access. They will also talk about the new 'Horatio' update and our plans for 2017.

January 19
7pm CET


We will be holding our usual Beer2Gether event at the studio in Paris, which means that if there is something you've always wanted to ask us over a drink, you have the perfect occasion to do so!

This year exceptionally, the event will be taking on the 19th of January. We will be providing food and drinks – including beer made specifically for the event, as our Dust-Infused beer last year was a resounding success!

On the entertainment front, our composer FlybyNo will be among our guests, and he has agreed to take his harp with him!

Expect something special...

January 19
7pm CET


Endless Space, Dungeon of the Endless and Endless Legend will be discounted on Steam for a Week-End Sale, until Monday, January 23rd!

Complete your Endless collection now and get our games and their expansions at a discounted price.

Spread the word!

January 20
From 10am to 6pm CET


We will be giving away Steam codes on Twitter! Follow @Amplitude for a chance to win Steam keys for all our games and an awesome Endless goodies package!

Giveaways start at 10am CET, and will continue throughout the day so stay tuned.

Winner of the Endless package will be picked on Jan 23 at 4pm CET!

Good luck!


January 21
12am (midnight) CET


On this day, Endless technology lights up and strange things appear in the ruins all across Auriga, and even throughout the galaxy as the Archivist fulfills its duty...

Our mysterious events are returning today. Play Endless Legend, Dungeon of the Endless and Endless Space before Monday, January 25 to discover and permanently unlock rare Steam achievements or play with Tarosh the Archivist in each game.

Check out the Endless Day FAQ to learn how to unlock the content and achievements.

January 25
12am (midnight) CET

In-game events are terminated

The Endless Day is now over, we hope you enjoyed the event and the exclusive content we prepared for you!