The time for the much-awaited and traditional Endless Day has arrived. Generally, when an event is hosted five times in a row, you can start speaking of a tradition. To celebrate, we prepared a week of surprises, new free content for Endless Space 2, live presentations, Steam sales, and of course a Beer2Gether event in our office.

This year is also our 7th anniversary, and an opportunity to look back at what we have achieved so far: building a studio from scratch, creating four great strategy games, recruiting and growing a team of talents, building an original universe, and gathering the most amazing community (you!).

2018 will be a very exciting year, with many surprises to come, and we wish all the best to you and your loved ones, and hope you continue making great games with us.

January 18
11am CET

Community Challenge Add-on

Thanks to your massive participation during the previous Free Weekend Community Challenge (you were over 240,000 to contribute until the very last minute), all the rewards we planned for you have been unlocked, developed, and integrated in-game. Congratulations \o/ !

In order to unlock your free content, you need to link your Games2Gether account with Steam. The Add-on will then be automatically added to your Steam account.

Need some help?
Check out this how-to video.

January 18
5pm CET


After months of hard work, the team is proud to finally reveal Endless Space 2 first eXpansion featuring the fan favorite VAULTERS.

Following the events happening in Endless Legend, this stubborn, and resilient people have left the dying planet of Auriga, seeking a new home to build their future.

You can pre-order the eXpansion right now with a sweet 10% discount that will last until the release on January 25th!

January 21
10am CET


On this day, Endless technology lights up and strange things appear in the ruins all across Auriga, and even throughout the galaxy as the Archivist fulfills its duty...

On January 21st 2011, the paperwork for a new company called AMPLITUDE Studios was recorded at the local registration office.

Coincidentally, the mysterious Endless Archivist started appearing at regular intervals throughout the Endless galaxy on that exact same day.

Play Endless Space, Endless Legend, Dungeon of the Endless, and Endless Space 2 from Sunday, January 21st to Monday, January 25th to discover and permanently unlock the Archivist Hero and rare Steam achievements in each game.

Check out the Endless Day FAQ to learn how to unlock the content and achievements.

January 23
11am CET


Stranded on the world of Auriga, the Vaulters had to survive the harsh climate and even harsher neighbors. But before escaping aboard the Argosy, one final sacrifice has to be made...

Available exclusively on the official Endless Space 2 WIKI.

January 25
1pm CET


Join the team for an afternoon of streaming, featuring Dungeon of the Endless, Endless Legend and of course the new Endless Space 2 - VAULTERS!

Tune in on Twitch, Facebook or Youtube.

January 25
5pm CET


The Endless Day celebrations are about to end, but before sharing drinks we've got a last present for you!

Flybyno has recorded a live performance from his studio. Join us on Twitch, Facebook or Youtube to watch the broadcast.

ps: friendly advice, you might want to stay until the end. We may have a cool last-minute surprise to announce!

January 25
7pm CET


Time for our traditional Beer2Gether at the studio in Paris! There will be some exclusive goodies, food and drinks – including our infamous Dust-infused beer made specifically for the event!

January 25
7pm CET


We are concluding this year's Endless Day with a bang. So from January 25th to February 1st, every game in the Endless franchise will be heavily discounted! Now is the perfect time to complete your collection, or help your friends discover the Endless universe!

January 25
12am (midnight) CET


The Endless Day is now over, we hope you enjoyed the event and the exclusive content we prepared for you! The Endless Archivist will return next year for more surprises.